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Kranspoort Nursery
Kranspoort Nursery
Kranspoort Bonsai Nursery was established in 1980 by qualified horticulturists Roger and Marsel. Ours is a gentle approach that seeks to understand nature and work with it, rather than to try and dominate it.

We grow a variety of both indigenous and exotic trees that are suited to bonsai, and make a huge variety of ceramic pots for them to grow in.

We also produce a seed kit "Grow Your Own Bonsai" that has everything included in it to grow your tree from seed. Affordable, and with a long shelf life, it makes a wonderful gift. There are 10 different kinds available; all indigenous.

You are welcome to visit our nursery. We have more than 6o years experience between us of growing bonsai and would love to share this knowledge with you. Nurturing a living work of art is a rich and rewarding experience.

Trade enquires welcome.
Kranspoort Nursery
Kranspoort Nursery We produce a large range of ceramic bonsai pots from 50mm mame pots to 400mm large pots.

Kranspoort Nursery We have hundreds of potted bonsai both indigenous and exotic. We also supply our soil mix and appropriate fertilizer.

Kranspoort Nursery Bonsai stock is available in plastic containers.
Kranspoort Nursery Grow Your Own Bonsai kit is made up of a hand crafted ceramic pot, soil, drainage mesh, seeds and instructions.

They make ideal corporate gifts, have a long shelf life and are great value for money.

There are 10 varieties which are all indigenous and suited to bonsai.
• Baobab
• Coral Tree
• Wild Olive
• Weeping Boerboon
• Black Monkey Thorn
• Monkey Thorn
• Fever Tree
• Sweet Thorn
• Splendid Thorn
• Paperbark
Kranspoort Nursery
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